Cluttered Bedroom

Taking down treasured family photos, awards, diplomas and degrees is such an important part of the home staging process. Many ask “why do I need to take down my religious items and family photos, these items are important to me?”.

 Although they are important and often treasured items you may like to have showcased, you are not selling your home to you. What you don’t want is a potential buyer coming into your home and imagining what your life is like in the home.

 We want them imagine what their life could be like in that home. It’s often hard for people to imagine how they can make a home their own when all they see is how the current owners are living in that space.


It comes down to asking yourself if you appreciate your décor and personal items enough to depreciate the value of your home.  If you want to get the most for your home, depersonalize it so that potential buyers can truly imagine themselves living in the house.  Your precious photos and items can be packed up and ready to be installed in your new home.  You have to pack up anyway, so think of it as getting a head start on preparing for your upcoming move.